i bought 2 kichen aid dishwashers in 2004. From the very beginning one has door that repeatedly pops open everytime as running.

The other also has a repeat problem with it's spring on the the door. I had a door panel replace plus had a repair man come 6 times. The spring broke again! Even though i have the receipts showing such repairs, the kitchen aid customer service woman coolly said, "there is nothing we can do for you".

They costed me appx $1,000 in addition to repair cost of over $400 so far.

Stay away from kitchen aid!! They really should standby there product.

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Port Washington, New York, United States #714755

KitchenAid is absolutely the worst dishwasher on the market period.

In less then 2-1/2 years I have replaced the control panel 4 times and the motherboard 3 times and the rack adjuster two times. The repair cost are just about equal to what I paid for this so called top of the line dishwasher.

It is definetely the bottom of the line poorly designed in every way. Today is September the 10, 2013 and it stoped working again. I will not have it repaired again. My wife and I are totally against any product manufactured by KitchenAid, Whirlpool and Maytag which are the same company.

I am on a crusade to warn people about their products. There is nobody to complain to as you get a telephone operator.

Culpeper, Virginia, United States #617357

:( After less than a year I'm on 3 motherboards and a service upgrade due to poor vent installation during manufacture. Now the the POS wont operate on any clean cycle.

I replaced an average GE dishwasher that cleaned with average results with a highend machine that's worthless. My wife needed a deep adjustable tub to put her pots and pans in while taking a Chef class. I'm not wasting more on repairs for this expensive POS.

Think twice or more before paying premium dollar for an unsatisfactory KA dishwasher. What's truly sad is my last one went to Habitat for Humanity because it still functioned perfect, but I will demolish this one so someone on a limited budget doesn't get screwed with expensive repair bills.



4 months ago i purchased a double drawer dishwasher Product#kudd03dtssd, Serial#f124005669..Worst choice i ever made, the dishes dont come clean, doesnt drain properly,collects alot of condensation, always moping after cycle is over..Now im having problems with the plastic filters the seemed to have corroded and the broke off and now its stuck in the lock mode..which means to me the mother board was fried and has to be replace...Lets see how long it take to fix this problem...Once again a waste of my hard earned money...Stay away from KITCHEN AID...Go with Electolux or Bosch it worth the money

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