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I ordered a replacement glass door for my kitchen aid range FOUR MONTHS AGO from appliance parts. It is STILL UNAVAILABLE.

I HAVE BEEN A KITCHEN AID consumer for 50 years. Never going to buy another. The quality is awful. The oven liner chipped in year one, thermostat doesn't work, glass top pitted and glass front broke, and I cannot get it replaced.

I also bought a sized by side refrigerator that makes a pathetic amount of ICE.


Location: Fort Myers, Florida

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I have a Kitchen aid Dbl Oven. Self cleaning destroyed the glass.

Made a irredescent look to window and did not vaporize the food on glass. I had tech come out as the probe did not register the correct temp. The service tech tried to tell me to recalibrat oven. Bull, the oven has to be separate and distinct.

The probe monitors oven. If you raise the temp on oven then you must be changing something on probe. He said that the Self Cleaning does this to the glass. Natural characteristic of product.

He ordered new glass for both doors. Took 1 week to get the glass.

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