I received a letter in the mail in 2019 informing me of a class action lawsuit involving my kitchenaid dishwasher and a plastic upper dish rack that was faulty. I had the dishwasher repaired in 2018 for a total of $150, and filed a claim in the fall of 2019.

In July of this year I received notification that my claim was incomplete due to a missing signature. I made many phone calls to the company handling this claim form and got the run around every time I called. Finally, they told me to submit a future relief claim form that was on their website in order to be considered for the refund. I filed this form in the fall, 2020 and have been sending emails to them regarding my status.

Each time I get a "form" letter stating that my claim is being evaluated. Today I received an email telling me that my claim was denied as it was missing a "unique ID." I have no idea what a unique ID is, and it was not explained in the email. All they said is I could complete another claim form online, etc. i firmly believe that they had no intention of refunding me for the repairs and this whole thing has been a waste of my time and energy.

I will NEVER buy another Kitchen aid product if this is the type of treatment a customer receives. You can take your kitchenaid dishwasher and shove it.

When it breaks, it will not be replaced with another kitchen aid. A very disgruntled customer.


User's recommendation: Buy something other than Kitchen Aid.

Location: Rochester, New York

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