My side by side Kitchenaid fridge is only 7 years old and Kitchenaid no longer make the parts required to fix it!

Cannot get hold of the Main Relay Control board part # w10219463.

It is only possible to have this repaired but this means no fridge . Thanks Kitchenaid so happy that I spent over $5,000 on a fridge that is now USELESS. A totally irresponsible company that is only concerned with profit and wants me to buy a whole new fridge rather that providing parts to repair the fridge i have.

This fridge has caused trouble for years as it does not like the heat and has cost me lots of money to get it working.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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Same as my 9 year old Maytag worst customer service ever

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States #1193718

Anyone with issues for ANY circuit board for ANY appliance can contact us at boardbusterz.com for repair. It's only $75 for the lower model and $99 for the higher model.


We have experienced the same problem and about the same time

when we started having problems with main board.Kitchen Aid

would not stand behind their 5,500.00 refrigerator.

Will sell you

a new one for 7,000.00.

Totally fed up and disgusted with this

company.Never again will we buy a Kitchen Aid Product.

Sincerely, Eileen Martin


I was able to find someone to fix the motherboard no problem

to Anonymous #1119799


Orland Park, Illinois, United States #1068994

Same here. I need to replace the 7 year old refrigerator because they don't make the door anymore and the ice and water don't work.


I am currently taking Whirpool to court over the same issue.Fridge lasted less than 8 years and was told that the facility building the mother boards was destroyed in the Japanese Tsuname of 2011.

I asked if Whirlpool/Kitchen Aid had subcontracted another supplier to produce the part and they declined to comment.Totally irresponsible for a product that cost nearly $8,000 Canadian dollars.

to Anonymous Orland Park, Illinois, United States #1069008

Are you part of a class action lawsuit? I have the same problem with my 7 year old fridge. They said I had to buy a new fridge which is $10,000

to Anonymous #1073256

our circuit board just went bad after 8 years.also, our ice maker hasn't worked pretty much since day 1.

had it repaired handful of times (hundreds of dollars). have been reading on consumer affairs hundreds and hundreds of complaints over same issues.

would you please keep us posted on outcome of your legal claim?Thank you.


Our side-by-side counter-depth crapped out. We paid more than other comparables, bc I thought KitchenAid was an upgraded brand? Refrigerators should last longer than 7-8 years!

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