We bought a $7000 built in Kitchenaid refrigerator less than 3 years ago and need parts replaced for the second time. This time the broken part is the main control board.

This part is no longer made! A repair company will have to remove the board and send it away to be fixed leaving us without a refrigerator for approx. 2 weeks. The reps at customer service were neither sympathetic nor helpful.

I am appalled by the poor quality of their product and their unwillingness to do right by their customer.

I will never buy kitchenaid again! I dread having to deal with them when my refrigerator breaks again!

Review about: Kitchenaid Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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I bought all new kitchenaid appliances in July 2012. The paint started to peel off the front panel of the stove where the control knobs are.

Now the paint is chipping around the burners. I was told paint failure is cosmetic and not covered under warranty. I asked for a replacement part, I would even have it installed on my dime, but so called customer service manager wouldn't even do that.

This also not the only appliance I have had problems with. This company is a nightmare to deal with and I'm sorry to say their product is ***.

Driggs, Idaho, United States #587507

We put all Architect Series Kitchenaid appliances in our new home five years ago. Everyone has need several major repairs, including the main control board on the refrigerator.

What junk.

Surely they will be out of business soon.

to Kathy Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States #594956

Brand new "poster"-I am sorry for you and wish I had read this a year ago when we purchased $10K worth of kitchenaid appliances. We are starting the break-down ourselves, 7 repairs in 4 months so far.

I am afraid Kithenaid has too much of our money to go out of business--ever! I was shocked at the lack of concern on the customer service calls.

Just got off the phone with about 24 hours of time off of work, waiting, meeting repairmen...etc. Sad....

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