For decades I have purchased KitchenAid appliances but large and small. Last year one of my double ovens wasn't heating.

I called for service with a KitchenAid certified company that couldn't get out to me for 2 weeks. I contacted an appliance repair company I have used many times and they came out the next day. Replaced some part that cost $700, the same part I had replaced 18 months ago when it was still under warranty.

I contacted KitchenAid who basically told me too bad. That since I had used a non-certified repair company they couldn't help me.

However, when I asked if I had used a certified KitchenAid repair company would they reimburse me for the part, and the answer was no.

The same very expensive part going bad within 18 months says there is a problem.

After fighting with them for hours I get a call from someone after I wrote a complaint on this website. Called to tell me they wanted to help solve my problem.

Their solution: to explain how sorry they were but there was nothing they could do and KitchenAid wasn't going to reimburse me or help me in any way.

And they call this customer service

Location: Rockville, Maryland

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