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The glass door of my KitchenAid oven exploded when I was opening it after I baked a pizza at 450F.The glass shattered everywhere on the kitchen floor.

My thumb was cut by a small piece of glass. I chatted with KitchenAid customer service and the representative said that since the warranty already expired, I will need to pay the repair fee. I think this is ridiculous.

As to my thumb cut, she suggested me to call the safety department.I will call them later and update this review.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of kitchenaid warranty. Kitchenaid needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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Two areas of your "review" are problematic and really demand explanation.

Firstly, a warranty is a contract, and yours has expired.Either you're unable to grasp this concept...or you think it doesn't apply to you, and that the warranty should last however long you wish for it to last?

Lol.... That's not how it works. Once the warranty is over, you are responsible for both maintenance and repairs, and are also liable for any injuries or ancillary damages.

Secondly, as anyone familiar with the science behind these things would realize is, the glass would have had to have been fractured PRIOR to "exploding" like you've described.. It's pretty clear this breakage was caused by a hard 'slam' on an old oven while at an extremely high temperature.

Just because you FEEL that your appliances should be repaired for free at your whim for the rest of your life doesn't mean you have a right to expect it.

These reasons all point to the same conclusion; your "review" is baseless, and this is just a tired, desperate attempt to get an old out-of-warranty appliance repaired or replaced for free, and score some bonus "compensation" for an injury that could very easily be imaginary.

You're entitled to NEITHER.

Fortunately, bigger companies are finally refusing these types of "customer's" irrational demands, realizing they will cry and complain all over the internet anyway, and aren't worth placating.In fact, these types of consumers...

Go buy a new appliance, and read the warranty before you pay for it.

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to Anonymous #1093631

Thank you for your comment.

"The glass would have had to have been fractured PRIOR to "exploding" like you've described..

It's pretty clear this breakage was caused by a hard 'slam' on an old oven while at an extremely high temperature." What you said was your imagination, and that the glass exploded with no sign and with not any slam on that was what really happened to me.

Anyway, KitchenAid has offered to repair my oven for free.

Sorry for "driving up the cost of goods".Happy New Year!

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