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In anticipation of Thanksgiving I used the self-cleaning feature on my relatively new (2 1/2 years) old Kitchenaid oven today (Model KEBC107KSS05). After I did this, the oven would not heat up. When I called customer service, I learned that this happens with some frequency when the self-cleaning feature is used. I was advised to turn off all power to the oven for 5 minutes and then turn it back on and that it might reset and work again. It did not.

When I called back to customer service, I was told I would need to make arrangements to have a service call to repair the oven. The second representative confirmed that this type of malfunction is something that is not uncommon and she helpfully advised that she had a similar bad experience using the self-cleaning feature on her oven and she just doesn't use that feature any longer.

It is now 7:30 pm on the night before Thanksgiving where 21 people are scheduled to eat dinner at my home and I now have no way to prepare that meal. I feel that Kitchenaid clearly has sold me an appliance touting a feature that it knows has a high likelihood will ENTIRELY DISABLE THE OVEN. I am guessing I am not the only person who has been in this exact situation on either Thanksgiving or Christmas. The least they could do would be to include a warnign in the product materials or on the oven itself not to use the feature if it happens to be really important to be able to use your oven before a technician can get out and repair it.

This is the sort of knowingly untruthful marketing that should result in a class action lawsuit against Kitchenaid. You shouldn't market an oven as having a useable feature, when in fact there is a pretty darn good chance that using that feature will render the entire oven useless and result in the need for an expensive service call.

I suspect when this problem became known to Kitchenaid corporation, there were managers who had the same thought and who decided not to incur the cost of either re-engineering the product or sending a product advisory to customers, in order to avoid expense and bad press. This is not a company or a product that should be supported.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kitchenaid Oven.

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Just self cleaned my oven for the 1st time after it had been "fixed" by the repairman for the 2nd time and GUESS what it blew again!! 3rd time!

Obviously it is a problem that is NOT fixable! The self clean feature on these ovens is not something that should EVER be used.

I will be contacting Kitchenaid/Whirlpool to express my extreme displeasure. I will also be recommending to all my friends and family to not purchase Kitchenaid.


I Never had a problem with my KitchenAid oven Model# KEBC107Kss05 until I used the self cleaning function and just like every other complaint on here, it will not heat at all! Shouldn’t a RECALL have already been in place???

Why have that freaking option if it’s just going to cost to get it repaired after using it????

I will print everyone of these complaints and email them to someone that will do something about! What a rip off!!!


Is there a recall for this self cleaning feature problem on Kitchen Aid ovens yet? If not, has a class action law suit been filed?


Should be!!


Add me to the long list - Self Cleaning feature used ... oven is broken.

KitchenAid's response- " I have never heard of this problem". They will sent a repair person for the normal fee.

Really disappointing


Yes add me as well! I used self cleaning function for the first time this week!

My oven has not worked since!

Why have this option if it destroys the oven????? Oh yeah....to make more money from the consumer for repair!!!!


Could not agree more! Today when I used my self-cleaning feature for the 2nd time on my KitchenAid oven the entire inner tempered glass exploded sending shards of glass throughout my kitchen....

and I am/was hosting Easter dinner this weekend. When I called the 1-800# they told me "it can happen with tempered glass and it gets really hot with the self-cleaning cycle- it is not covered under warranty" Really?? An exploding glass door is ok on a product that is less than 3 years old?

The part takes 7 days to come in and is $240 plus $80 service person for the first 15 minutes??? I will NEVER recommend KitchenAid appliances to anyone!


well being I moved into a great place and the people told me its a great oven I didn't use the self cleaner till 7 months of moving in or use ...well guess what? cant bake, can't open or use my oven at all !! stove top works but ummm I LOVE to bake...needless to say I will have to purchase a new stove and Kitchenaid will not be one I will be purchasing..I will write to their company but by reading a lot of peoples comments it might be useless..


OMG I am reading all the problems with kitchen aid ovens. And now I am also on the list broke after using self clean


We own several top of the line architectural series Kitchenaid appliances in stainless steel. (Side-by-side built-in Fridge, double digital built-in wall oven, dishwasher, stove, vent, bar fridge etc.) All of them broke down within 2 years of ownership.

The worst was the oven. The control panel was replaced 3 times! Now it's broken again and the part id no longer available...

this company is criminal and should at the receiving end of a mass-tort lawsuit.


Terrible oven. Motherboard failures common.

Looked inside and all resistors were burnt around them. Replaced it with a Bosch.


I used the self clean on my oven and it burned up the microwave panel. They did replace the panel for me and said not to use the self clean oven as it gets to hot.

Why purchase this feature if it can't be used???

Now I'm having a problem with the oven control panel, the start button won't work so i am without an oven. Will NEVER purchase kitchen aid EVER again.


Oh forgot to mention that I'm on my third set of door hinges on the microwave.


Our Kitchen Aid oven is 1 year old and 2 months ago we used the self cleaning for the first time in 10/14. The bottom of the oven crinkled and we called the dealer .

THey said they called Kitchen Aid and they sent someone to take a photo of the problem. When no answer came from the dealer we finally after weeks called Kitchen Aid direct. We spoke to them directly and they said nothing can be done. We bought all of our appliances from this dealer and 3 were Kitchen Aid after a fire.

I don't think a less than one year old oven should have this happen.

Dealer and Kitchen Aid both refuse to fix the problem. Any suggestions?


When a car has a defect, consumers are notified of this defect and the care is issued a "recall". Why is this not the case with an appliance? At the least, a kitchenaid repair person should be administered and paid for!


I have a K/A KCO222OB desktop oven.

Shoddy thermostat (bad rivet - came loose) and the power relay is shot.

Can't find a replacement relay or pcb!

Relay is common part I may be able to find, for <$5.

If it's out of warranty, you're SOL.

Disposable consumers, disposable parts.

So sad.


Not related to the Kitchenaid faulty design in self clean mode.


Same thing here with self-cleaning oven. First time it happened, I did the research, found the problem to be a thermostat.

Replaced it, we held off on self cleaning until last night, then same thing. Will re-order thermostat and install.

As I recall can be a DIY project, but is a PITA, about hour or so to do. First I will have to find the part, as I unfortunately failed to keep a record of it.


Same thing happened to me. Turned on self clean and now the oven does not work at all.

Have to pay to have it repaired. Yes, I'd love to be a part of class action!



Class Action NOW!