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I purchased over $10,000 in appliances I bought the double door KitchenAid stainless steel refrigerator the induction self cleaning oven as well as the dishwasher.

Whirlpool stay away from any and all of their appliances I purchased the stove because it was induction as well as a claim to be self cleaning everyone knows that you buy a self-cleaning stove especially when you drop $4,000 on it self cleaning means you turn it on everything turns to dust and you sweep it up no problem or you simply wipe it out well they are liars this oven is not self cleaning..

It is called aqualift and what it does is you pour 16oz of water in the bottom of your stove you hit the aqualift clean button and it generously melt any grease or debris onto your glass and the rest of your oven taking nothing off and making it unable to be wiped so it's basically baked on. The days of getting toxic oven cleaner rubber gloves and scrubbing for hours on end are back ladies and gentlemen in 2019 buy top-of-the-line brand whirlpool and you can go back to the stone age's and get cancer while you do it!

I contacted them because of course when you buy a new oven you don't clean it for the first few months I'm kind of anal so I do clean my oven every couple of months and thankfully when I try to use the feature as per the other reviews this oven is not self cleaning it is a lie and they have falsely advertised and they are in a class action lawsuit because of it. Whatever happened to the days of integrity whatever happened to the days of building a product with pride and dignity and standing by what you built they claim to have a 100% satisfaction guarantee but when I called them and discussed it with the supervisor and everyone they're unwilling to allow me to return the product even though it's only four months old and even though they falsely advertised that it's self-cleaning... so essentially what they're saying is we got your $10,000 in money *** you we stiffed you and what are you going to do about it well I guess when I meet the execs of whirlpool and I offered to sell them a Lamborghini for top dollar because these aren't bottom grade appliances even though they function as such I will tell them how fast it goes how amazing it is sell it to them for top dollar and then when they can't drive out of the driveway because I advertise that it drives even though I knew all along that it doesn't drive well I say well too *** Bad Boys I said it drives if it doesn't drive well oh well you're still stuck with it? How is that acceptable?

The saddest part is as these guys don't care about building a reputable line that people want to come back to him by there okay with this what about the handicapped person who bought the oven who can't scrub it out who paid top dollar for the convenience and the point that they advertise self cleaning but yet they're stuck with it what about the 80 year old lady what kind of people take advantage of people and consumers like this? So when you're thinking about buying an appliance line really think hard if this is a line you want to stand behind even if you can get a top-of-the-line oven for half the price of the others consider what you're paying for you're paying for rip-off artists people of no integrity executives that are willing to take advantage of the family people that pay for their bonuses that pay for their lifestyles with sales generated buy them thinking that we're fools and not standing behind their product or creating substandard products and selling them at a top dollar. Are you going to be a leader in life and stand up for yourself and everyone else and make the right choice and not buying from a company with so little values they don't deserve anybody's money. When I called them and ask them to honor their 100% satisfaction guarantee I was advised but they don't have to and that my Appliance doesn't qualify for that even though it doesn't work as advertised really wow so they don't have to be held accountable that's why they continue to do it!

Do your research Whirlpool also owns KitchenAid and many other name brands make this company accountable stay away from any products look at the BBB ratings read the reviews they are not reputable and there's a reason! Why not create a product line that you stand behind that you honor that you do what's in the best interest of people it's not like they're charging pennies for these appliances and it's not like I bought a mid or bottom grade Appliance it's considered a higher grade Appliance but the more you pay the less week yet especially in quality I get it everybody wants to make money but you're making money on account of other people and hurting them financially, time wise because they're having to deal with these issues, and emotionally because it's a big stress to feel like you were duped when you make such a big purchase even a small purchase there's nothing worse than feeling like you didn't get what you pay for and you work your *** off to pay for it even rich people get pissed because you know what we work for money the only people who don't give a crap are the CEOs collecting the bonuses the executives marveling in the fact and discussing all the complaints they get but still collecting their bonuses really how is that acceptable how is it acceptable than a single mom works her butt off to buy a set of appliances and you just tell me haha tough *** how is it acceptable for an old lady who can't even scrubber oven to buy a product based on how it's advertised and then it doesn't function as such an haha tough *** but yet those guys are still getting bonuses and every month they discuss the ratings and the percentages of complaints etcetera but do nothing about it too bad people don't take a stand and do the right thing anymore and too bad it's all about the money and not about the customer or any form of satisfaction and most importantly reputation disgusting

Product or Service Mentioned: Kitchenaid Oven.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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PastPoodle, we’re sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction with your Aqualift Cleaning Cycle. The Aqualift technology is an alternative for customers that don't want to be concerned with chemicals or smell.

It's designed to lift stains from the Oven and the customer can wipe them away rather than having them burned off. The steam created while using this cycle is meant to help release backed on foods, but some elbow grease may still be required. For especially stubborn areas, you want to saturate the area with a Dawn Dish Soap and water solution and let it sit for up to 30 minutes.

This may help get the grease adhered to the cooking surface off. We will be sure to document your concerns in the appropriate manner and apologize for any inconveniences.