Alpharetta, Georgia
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Have a Kitchen double oven and tried to self clean and 20 minutes latter the glass shattered all over!! What a mess and how do you manufacture a product that will and can cause such a hazard for the consumer?

I need for KitchenAid to replace this oven with a comparable model. Sending picture of the shattered glass and after extensive cleaning and months later glass is still falling on floor and in the crevices trapped in door. This could possibly have fallen in my food and digested or could become my worse nightmare where someone is hospitalize due to glass consumption.

This is horrible!!! Serial #XU1909825 Model #KEB520755500.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kitchenaid Kebs207bss Oven.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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News flash.. Look up self clean..It goes up to 900 degrees..

Hey, guess what..even tempered glass breaks. They are not going to replace it, nor should they. How about you go buy a can of oven cleaner, and clean it yo *** self. It would be cleaner, and quicker.

Entitlement people..You deserve everything. Sheesh


The appliance salesman


prolly broke it and came up with this xD


What a ridiculous and irresponsible reply and I hope I would never have the occasion to buy or have an appliance repaired by someone like you. So per you, a consumer buys an advertised SELF-CLEANING OVEN and you with all your wisdom because you are an Appliance Salesmen recommend do not use it and use oven cleaner because the Glass cannot withstand the high temperatures.

Apparently you have problems understanding English as well because the owner's manual clearly states to NOT use liquid oven cleaner. And to suggest that the manufacturer would created the product that explodes at the push of a button, and for you to knowingly sell it to a consumer because the consumer is the dumb one just shows your stupidity and disregard for safety has no limits. You have hit bottom and grabbed a shovel. The ENTITLEMENT people are those paying good money for a product that is fundamentally flawed.

The problems with these ovens is that the oven is not insulated or protected well enough and allows extreme heat to leak to the outside environment. Apparently your position is that it is the dumb entitled consumers fault for buying it.