Hi! My KitchenAid Dishwasher has a design flaw that KitchenAid will not acknowledge.

The distributor that I got the dishwasher will only cover issues for a year from date of purchase. It has been 2 years since I bought my dishwasher and its upsetting because I paid $800 for it and its not working correctly. What is happening is that the vent is venting the hot moist air into the door and not actually to the outside of the dishwasher. The top of the door has controls on it as well as lights to indicate what the cycle is and what stage it is in.

There is a green circuit board in the top of the door behind the lights and control with a cable that runs from the circuit board down to the main control board. After the cycle is complete the entire circuit board, lights and cable are dripping with water. The moist hot air from the dishwasher should not be vented into the door it should be vented outside the dishwasher. Over time this moisture has caused the lights to turn on and off at different time without anyone touching as well as cancelling part way through some of the cycles.

And some of the lights don’t even come on and the “Control Lock” light never goes off. I am very upset as this dishwasher was expensive and this is a design flaw. The dishwasher should not vent inside the door it should vent out the dishwasher preventing this circuit board and stuff from getting wet. Now things do not work properly and it has only been two years.

I feel that KitchenAid should replace our dishwasher with another one that doesn’t have this design flaw. I have already contacted KitchenAid and they are not doing anything for me.

I don’t recommend KithenAid to anyone for this reason. Possibly if the dishwasher was not so expensive I wouldn’t be so upset but $800 is a lot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kitchenaid Dishwasher.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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I am going through the same problem right now. I called them also and all they did was refer me to a technician to come to the house.

That's what I want to do...

Spend more money. I have got it apart right now and trying to figure a way to send that vented moisture out the side of the door and waterproof the green board


I have logged over 7+ weeks of dishwasher out-of-service time and over over two thousand dollars in repairs. And who pay for such an outrageous amount, Assurant Solutions Kitchen Aid extended warranty provider which I believe have masked many of these issues.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada #702667

I have the same dishwasher and have had two circuit boards go and the new part costs $206.00 now.

Kitchenaid has not been helpful even though the second circuit board was replaced under warranty and that went w :cry ithin a year.

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