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We bought a new Kitchaid refrigerator for over $2500. We had it for 5 days and concluded it was not working properly.

We called the dealer where we purchased this unit and they arranged to send out a repair person who promptly informed us that we needed a new compressor, a new evaporator coil and a new drier unit. Basically, we needed ALL of the major components for the refrigerator. This was not acceptable to us so we requested a replacement - we wanted what we paid for, a new refrigerator. They referred us to Kitchenaid who then proceded to refuse to replace it and insisted on repairing it.

I explained that it was defective from day one and that it NEVER worked. I said I paid for a new refrigerator, not a rebuilt second hand piece of ***. They said "sorry" and we are not resposible for your lost food.

Basically, once they get your money, ***!

Product or Service Mentioned: Kitchenaid Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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KitchenAid is some of the worst engineered *** ever produced. In three years my brand new microwave, dishwasher, fridge and oven are all out. Take it from a sorry customer, never, ever buy KitchenAid ***.


consumersunion.com is where you need to take these complaints


I've had the same lousy customer service with my new range. KitchenAid (owned and made my Whirlpool) is not worth the extra money you pay for it (and imo, it's not worth ANY money).

Six months have now passed and the range is still performing like ***.


Ditto KSRA25ILSS13 side by side. total piece of *** for only 2500.

Never again.

Got it because I thought Kitchenaid made good appliances. Maybe used to is a better way to put it Had I known their products were made by Whirlpool, I would have run the other way!!!!


have had all the components replaced on our kitchenaid refrigerator 6 times in four year. And there coming out to work on it for the seventh time today. A real piece of ***.

to mqqneyes #1425565

Our refrigerator was fixed 6 times in 4 years too! The Icemaker still doesn't work right and now it has rust all inside.

Last week our oven stopped heating. Such pieces of crap.


A $5,300 dollar mistake for Kitchenaid garbage refrigerator. The icemaker is so badly designed, it can not be fixed! Hopefully enough people complain to fed consumer affairs to get some response!

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