Fremont, Indiana

I bought a Kitchenaid fridge, electric range with glass

cooktop, built-in microwave and dishwasher in

2007. As of 2/14/12 only the dishwasher works as

advertised. The glass cooktop spontaneously

cracked after 1 yr of use; the water dispenser

in the fridge doesn't work, and the keyboard

controls for the microwave are fried. What do you

expect for $8K, right? It's absolute junk - save

your money and buy from Sears - it'll last longer

It's the same Whirlpool junk with a fancy facade!

If you want real quality you can do much better

than Kitchenaid.

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UPDATE TO MY POST OF EARLIER TODAY: After leaving the dishwasher unplugged for a couple hours and fiddling around with the door latch (because we had read online that faulty door closure can cause this type of control panel circuit problem), the problem is resolved. It is unfortunate that the KitchenAid Customer Service Representative did not recommend this BEFORE trying to sell me a new part and service call (>$300) or extended warranty (also >$300).


I purchased a KitchenAid Whisper Quiet Plus dishwasher in November 2006. This dishwasher has been used less than 50 times and now the control panel lights are flashing and the unit DOES NOT WORK.

The Customer Servcice Representative advised me to unplug the dishwasher for 1 minute and then push the cancel button if the lights resumed flashing when plugged back in. This did not correct the problem. According to the representatiove these are my options: (1) Replace the control panel for over $300 ($165.23 for the part + tax + $129 service charge); (2) Purchase the 'Repair Plus One Extended Warranty' for $312.25 to cover the repair; or (3) Purchase a new dishwasher.

I am EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED with the short shelf life of this rotten product and agree with the previous post that KITCHENAID DOES NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS. Will NEVER BUY KITCHENAID dishwasher again.


I bought the Top of the line refrigirator along with the other appliences and after three years there are cracks in the lining of a fridge...It is not covered by the manufactruing warranty nor by extended warranty . We were offered to use Apoxy glue patch.

We found that it is not only offencive, but also inpractucal solution.. this is a very rare occuranc.. the cracks are spreading and we have to defrost the fridge for 24 hours We also feel that when you buy TOP OF THE LINE Appliances they should last you longer then three years...

i saw similar issues with fridges over 8 years and one 40 years!!!. Apparently KitchenAid does not stand by it's name!!!

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