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My 18 mo. old dishwasher quit working 2 nights ago.

After looking around on the Internet and calling kitchenaide customer service 3 times it appears that the problem is the thermal fuse. How did this happen? It seems that because we have colds and I decided to sanitize the dishes that the machine had to heat the water to 140ish degrees. Now the story is that I needed to make sure that the water going into the dishwasher at the start was over 105degrees or this poor thermal fuse would have to work so had it would burn out.

I don't know about anyone else but I don't stand at the sink with a thermometer checking my water temps. What a piece of junk. There is nothing in the owners manual about running hot water before starting the machine to achieve this desired starting temp. and the only other thing I found pertaining to water temps is in the installation area it does say to set the hot water heater to 120 degrees.

Which by the way mine is. The only thing I could get out of Kitchen aid is, we're sorry, you can still pay us $250 for the extended warranty and if you don't or didn't buy the extended warranty we're just going to be able to help you. I am furious.

Why would they put a feature on the dishwasher that breaks if you use it and why would they use such cheap and flimsy components?!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Kitchenaid Dishwasher.

Monetary Loss: $160.

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All of these appliance companies are owned by Jews, or, Jew Wall Street Bankers are involved, or, on the board of directors.

To these Jews, the only thing that matters is your money, and that is why they have design flaws. To sell parts, and extended warranties.

That is why the Jew CEO's of these and other American corporations bribed Congress to negotiate lopsided, anti-American trade agreements with Mexico, Communist China and Communist Vietnam, among other countries to off shore American jobs, to 30 cent an hour slave wage countries.

Make the product cheap, out of cheap parts, and to *** with you. Their attitude is, "Where else are they going to go?" There are no American made appliances any longer. You pay as much, or, more than if the appliance were made in America, but you are told that you are getting it cheaper. That's a lie.

You rarely find a positive review of appliances online, from owners who have had the product a year, or, more.

All of the Four Star, and Five Star ratings are from people who just bought the appliance yesterday, and it looks so pretty in their new kitchen... NEVER do you read a positive review from anyone who has had the appliance 1-5 years.

The reason is, every brand, and almost every model is a piece of foreign made ***. The Jew CEO's planned it that way because their compensation and job security is in cutting corners and outlays, to make big profits to impress and attract gamblers on Wall Street to buy and quickly turn over their stock, to make the company look good.

In the old days, back in the 50's and 60's, American corporations made quality products, because the American consumer demanded a quality product. They competed among themselves to make a quality product.

Today, the goal is not a quality product, and making a modest product. The goal of the Jew CEO is to make LOTS of profit, cut employees, cut costs, make LOTS of money to look good on Wall Street, where their Jew buddy bankers make money quick trading their stock. All of these appliance makers used to be separate companies. Now, they are owned by just a couple of owners.

They make, in foreign counties, several different brands under a variety of manufacturer labels. There is not real competition. When you have a complaint, it isn't the old TV commercial icon, the MAYTAG REPAIRMAN whom you call. You call a company ran by Jews, just to make money, and that is why you get the runaround, and crappy service, if you get it at all.

YOU are part of the problem. The Democrat, or, Republican politician you voted for, in your Congressional District, or, US Senate from your state, and the Democrat, or, Republican whom you voted for as President, off shored your jobs, or, the jobs of your neighbors, to Mexico and Communist China, and Communist Vietnam, and instead of confronting them when they came to your women's club,or, Kiwanis meeting, you cooed all over them like they were minor gods, and kept voting for them every two, four, or, six years. YOU are responsible for that crappy Kitchen Aid, GE, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Kenmore, or, Maytag appliance. Instead of kissing the butts of your politicians, you should have been kicking butt, and letting them know what they had done to America.

You may not like my calling out the Jews on this, but it isn't "anti-anything," it is the truth. If any what I have said about Jew ownership and philosophy is in error, you are welcome to attempt to refute what I have said with facts.

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