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We ordered a $3000 microwave/oven combo from Abe's of Maine. The oven arrived and the exterior packaging and oven appeared to be undamaged. We removed most of the packaging, and saw no damage to the front or sides. Due to other appliances being backordered, we stored the oven in our garage, on the pallet with some of the packaging still in place, for about a month.

The other appliances finally arrived, and we proceeded to remove the corner cardboard protection and other remaining packagaing. Turns out, the cardboard was hiding the fact that the oven was out of square, and the sides of the control panel and doors are misaligned by about 1/2 an inch. Aside from being a big cosmetic issue, it also affects the door closing. I don't even know if the oven works, as it's still on the pallet.

I've talked to Abe's, the shipping companies, and they all blame Kitchenaid! I would have liked to have seen Kitchenaid stand behind it's product and helped reach a resolution where I wouldn't have been stuck with a $3000 useless piece of metal and glass.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kitchenaid Microwave.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Don't use that oven. Dangerous....


Sorry for the repost, I guess I screwed something up when I tried to create my first profile.

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