Our four new KitchenAid appliances are a disappointment to my husband and me which I detail as follows.

In November 2012, my husband and I undertook a renovation of our kitchen, including replacing our four 18 year old Jenn-Air kitchen appliances: dishwasher, electric cook top, oven/microwave combination and refrigerator. All were in good working order, but we worried they may wear out soon and we wanted updated appliances.

Over the 18 years we owned our Jenn-Air appliances, our refrigerator required one service call to replace a leaking ice maker waterline, our dishwasher needed a new pump after ten years and we had our oven serviced twice. The cook top and microwave never required service.

Upon a referral from a friend who had just purchased appliances for his new home at Don’s Appliances in Canonsburg, PA, I visited Don’s in November. As I wanted matching appliances, Don’s recommended KitchenAid because Jenn-Air did not offer four matching white appliances. Don’s installed the appliances on December 18, 2012, at a cost of $8,600, less a $500 rebate we received later. Unfortunately, the appliances and the personal days we have used to meet Don’s repairmen for numerous service calls, have been disappointing and frustrating.

Each of our new KitchenAid appliances has required servicing.

1. From the start, one burner on the cook top did not work. On Don’s first service call, they diagnosed a bad switch. On the second call, they realized they had ordered the wrong switch. By the third call, Don’s discovered it was the burner and not the switch. After several weeks and four service calls, we finally had four working burners.

2. The oven smelled each time we used it. We noticed a light brown gooey substance and a black tarry substance began accumulating on the bottom of the oven, near the front. On Don’s service call, they discovered packing had been left in the bottom rack. The repairman spent at least 45 minutes heating the oven to first soften the gooey puddles and then turning the oven off to cool it enough to remove the substances with Goo-Gone, without burning himself. Don’s brought a replacement for the lowest rack on its second service call because they could not remove the remaining melted packing, which had adhered to the rack.

3. Several times a week, the oven/microwave combination just stopped working in the middle of cooking. It registered error messages which would not go away, no matter how many buttons we pushed. To remove the error messages and continue cooking, we had to go to the basement and switch the circuit breaker off and on until they went away. On its service call, Don’s diagnosed a bad circuit board. On its second service call, Don’s replaced the brand new board, which was likely defective from the factory.

4. The refrigerator occasionally makes a loud noise from the back, which sounds like a bad fan. We could not get it to replicate the noise during Don’s service call. Soon after Don’s left, one of my contractors arrived and said, “I passed Don’s Appliances on your road. I hope you had them fix that loud fan on your refrigerator. I think it’s defective.” Unfortunately, it was too late for him to corroborate our complaint. Thankfully, we kept our old refrigerator in the basement so we can switch them if the annoying and embarrassing noise continues.

5. Since December, we have used our dishwasher less than six times. In April, we discovered water all over our new ceramic tile floor in front of the dishwasher and water dripping through the floor underneath it into a carpeted room below. We had not run the dishwasher for several weeks, due to construction in the kitchen. Thinking my ceramic tile installer (“Eric”) had damaged the dishwasher, I called him. Eric rushed out to find an inch of smelly water in the bottom of the dishwasher. Eric ran the dishwasher and took video on his cell phone. It leaked the first two times; the third time, it did not. As Eric deemed this a warranty issue, I called Don’s yet again. Eric charged for this emergency call because the leaking was not his fault. I also paid Eric to return during Don’s service call, so he could show Don’s his video and tell Don’s what he had observed. The dishwasher did not leak during Don’s service call. As we fear another leak, we have not used it since. We are considering removing the new dishwasher and replacing it with a kitchen cabinet, rather than risking substantial damage to the kitchen floor and/or the newly carpeted room below.

Some of Don’s service calls were combined, thankfully. If enumerated individually, however, our new appliances required ten service calls with Don’s in four months, hardly a ringing endorsement of KitchenAid’s quality. We also fear large future expenses when our warranties expire.

If I knew then what I know now, I would have kept my four reliable Jenn-Air appliances until each quit, rather than acquiring these four new unreliable ones.

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