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Bought a Kitchenmaid dishwasher approx. 2 yrs ago.

At almost exactly the one-year-mark, it was barely cleaning dishes. I stupidly waited to call Kitchenaid until the 1 yr, 13 day mark. I was pleasantly surprised that their customer service offered to cover the repair costs including service,even though it was technically out of warranty. Appt.

made, I believe the "mother board" was replaced. ( The reason I'm not clear is that the service co. NEVER leaves any paperwork with me to refer back to. Repairman notes that my control panel barely works and that my detergent dispenser is also broken.

I knew that the touch panel took more of a press than a light touch to recognize commands, but never having had one like it on a dishwasher, I didn't realize it was broken. Arrange to order parts and come back to fix those when parts arrive. I reiterate over both appointments that Kitchenmaid is supposed to cover repair, but they tell me that I have to pay and take that up with KA directly. Needless to say after being put on hold for around 40 min every time I call, I give up and pay.

I believe it was around $80.

About 2 months ago, I'm at the point with the new control panel where I often have to press buttons for a total of 5 min to have any command recognized. The washer is often "locked," and not responding. I call Kitchenmaid to inform them that I need a new panel and service with the original co many is made. Wait for part , serviceman comes and he can't install it, because the last repairman stripped the screw holes, so therefore I need a whole new door panel.

Well, this has started over a month of cancelled appointments, miscommunication about the correct part being delivered, and phone calls with KA, which entail at least 35-40min on hold. I even used their chat room twice, only to wait about 40 min to converse. I'm writing this now because I waited 4 hours yesterday for my doubly-confirmed appointment to not have anyone show or call. ( 3 hr.

window plus I gave them an hr.) Called service center, office closed. Called KA, office closed. I left 2 messages, but service never called me back.

I blocked out ANOTHER hour to call KA, only for them to tell me that the part is still not in and I'm scheduled for next week.This month, I'm out about 4 re-arranged days and a number of 1 hour calls. In this last call, I asked for my service costs to be reimbursed, but after ANOTHER 10 min on hold to get a supervisor, I hung up.

Reason of review: Disorganized repair service.

Monetary Loss: $850.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Dear ObservantBostonTerrier: Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear of your Dishwasher concerns.

We would like to inquire further about your review with you. If you are still needing assistance, please email us at, your name, phone number, street address, zip code, model & serial number, and date of purchase, the website that you submitted your inquiry, a copy of the review, and a brief description of the issue. We look forward to your reply.

Thank you. KitchenAid Social Care


Company was supposed to call me this morning. Never heard from them.


Forgot to add: Dishwasher handle also broke off about a year ago and has been Gerry-rigged on.


Update! Had another appt for the door panel to be installed.

Re-arranged ANOTHER day for the 3 hour window. I confirmed AGAIN by email AND phone. Asked to get a call 30 min before. Start calling repair company ( whom I will name if not resolved w/in next couple of days).

After being on hold 3 times, because a tech disconnected me once, I asked to speak to a supervisor. At this point, I assumed they were running the clock until their office closed at 5. Was told part “came in, but was damaged.” NO phone call. Told me to call KitchenAid.

I told him how I can barely get a hold of them. He told me he will call tomorrow. TLDR: Dishwasher about 2 years old. Trying to get THIRD control panel.

Last installer stripped holes, so need whole new door.

Over a month later, and wrong part, damaged part, wasted hours on phone, and over 5 days re-arranged for useless/or no-show appointments. I will still be on the hook for diagnostic/ repair costs.

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