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My wife and I own a built in KitchenAid refigerator ( owned by Whirlpool) It cost over 7 thousand dollars when purchased 6 years ago. I expected to own it for a very long time.

However when the control board went out on the unit I was told it was no able to be repaired by Whirlpool. It is a simple cirut board I don't understand what is so difficult about the repair. The only resolution I was offered was a 1,500 "discount" on the purchase of another Whirlpool refrigerator. To replace the unit was $8,000.

I expect a unit like this to last more than six years before becoming obsolete. Whirlpool gave me no recorse but to junk the unit. It is clar to me that Whirlpool is not loyal to it's costomer base and even after spending thousands of dollars with them they don't care to suport their product or customer.

I will never buy another Whirlpool product and neither should you.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Customer service-defective product, Refusing to fix known problems, Unresponsive service.

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Palmdale, California, United States #953802

I have a similar problem and I've only owned mine for 6 months, customer service is the worst and will NEVER buy another Whirlpool product again. Here's my story:

From day two, I've had nothing but problems with the ice maker.

We NEVER use crushed, but we get a lot of crushed along with sliced and crushed/shards of ice all over my fridge, hands and floor. My daughter (wearing her heals) already slipped and fell while walking past the fridge, not realizing that there was ice lying on the floor, my floor is light/multicolored, so we can't see the ice.

After several calls, the repair person replaced all the components of the ice maker and the repair person was told yesterday (2/26/15) from the Whirlpool tech that we would just have to live with the problem because it's normal. He was advised to tell me to get a larger glass. The repair person looked at my glass, seeing that it was already large, shook his head and said Whirlpool must want me to start using a bowl to catch all the ice.

I couldn't believe it?! I bought this fridge expecting to receive ONLY sliced ice and yet I don't, so I'm sure why you put that sliced feature on there when I can't utilize it. I only want a little ice, but the first thing that comes out is the crushed ice and in order for me to receive more sliced ice, I have to fill up the entire cup that includes the crushed ice!

After the repair man left, I called customer service (2/26/15) and she told me that ice gets stuck in the chute?, so that's why I get crushed ice, but it's normal she says. How is that normal?

Please read all the reviews/complaints from your website and on Home Depot’s site for this model and you’ll see this is a problem, there is a flaw in the design. The purpose of selecting sliced ice is for me to get only sliced ice, not a variety of different type of ice.

I can't believe a big company such as yours would treat me so poorly and brush me off like this. I can’t imagine you would want your family/family members to go through this or risk their safety. I can't believe my family after getting ice, has to spend time on the floor searching for spilled ice because of the hazard that your product has placed my family in.

I have an autistic son who gets ice constantly, I can’t supervise his every move and I’m not able to keep up with his dropped ice nor can he remember to look down for it. I’m concerned that next time my daughter falls; she won’t be so lucky and could sprain or break something. How about my visitors? Do I worry about them suing me when they fall?

I’m not so annoyed at the fact that I step on water with my dry socks then I’m concerned with the safety of my family.

Georgia, United States #949549

Same here except mine was a 2000.00 Whirlpool Gold refrigerator. I got three years and 7 different appliance repairmen starting the first month after I bought it.

When I called they said I should have bought the extended warranty.

Really? Then rudely asked me if there was anything else I needed aka I don't care about your current problem, and do you need anything else...I was wasting their time.

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