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Update by user Aug 21, 2011

As a result of posting this story on the internet KitchenAid actually CALLED ME ! They said they would be replacing the unit and exactly two weeks later it was installed and so far is working well.

I was 51 days without a refrigerator and only because I got angry, did I get it replaced NOT because they have good customer service.

Don\'t give up when they try to ignore you !! Fight back !!

Original review posted by user Jul 21, 2011

KITCHENAID BUYER BEWARE !!! This is long, but if you are considering KitchenAid, you should READ !!

We moved into our newly constructed home in April of 2009. We purchased all KitchenAid appliances for the kitchen. The built-in refrigerator is a KBR036FTX and cost $5,000 in addition to the $2,000 worth of custom cabinetry it sits in. The horrors start when you call the KitchenAid "Experience Center" …

On June 15, 2011 (2 months out of warranty) it started to "warm up" … neither the fridge nor freezer could maintain the correct temperature. I immediately called KitchenAid and they sent a repairman the next day.

June 16 – (day 2) He turns it off and on and said that sometimes that fixes things. It didn't so he ordered a "dryer" and "access valve". The parts took 7 days to arrive. He was not aware KitchenAid would expedite and KitchenAid did not offer it ! (first clue KA does not put customer first)

June 23 – (day 8) parts are replaced but nothing changes freezer was 21 and fridge was 45 degrees. I called KitchenAid, repairman can't arrive until the following Monday.

June 27 – (day 12) repairman shows up at 4PM and on the phone with KitchenAid decides it needs a new compressor.

July 1 – (day 16) 4 hours to install new compressor, new tubing and compressor didn't "match up" so repairman had to "modify" all connections. Three hours later the fridge had warmed up dramatically … I called KitchenAid and they said that was normal, give it 24 hours. I asked for a supervisor and was told "supervisors are not available to customers". (second clue) He said they prefer same repairman finish the job (third clue that customer comes last).

July 2 – (day 17) fridge is 71 and freezer is 73, was partially usable before but now completely unusable. Company arrives for 8 days.

July 5 – (day 20) told KitchenAid we would give the repairman one more chance and to get him out here.

July 6 – (day 21) Repairman arrives and now it is the INVERTER. I said "isn't that quite the coincidence"? and he said that since the COMPRESSOR is working GREAT now, it was probably too much for the INVERTER. What? Part is not under warranty so I have to pay for it. They won't even pay to expedite shipping. They clearly have no interest in helping me get this resolved quickly.

July 8 – (day 23) I hired a new repairman. After time on the phone with KitchenAid, they determine it is the compressor (again !) … INVERTER is fine, there was no need to order that but KitchenAid tells me it is NON REFUNDABLE and NON RETURNABLE ! KitchenAid offers me $100.00 to buy a "dorm" fridge. Asked for a supervisor again and was put on hold for over 45 minutes and had to give up.

July 12 – (day 27) third new compressor arrives, new repairman changes out and fridge starts to cool, but by next day is back to 70.

July 13 – (day 28) New repair company is taking charge and will contact his Representative since KitchenAid is doing nothing for me when I call.

July 18 – (day 33) New repair company is trying to get it exchanged, they feel the entire system is contaminated. KitchenAid says NO WAY, it's still repairable and they want the original incompetent, unreachable, part time repairman to complete the job. I called KitchenAid and demanded an exchange and that they work with the new repair company. I also asked AGAIN for a supervisor and was told someone would call me back in TWO BUSINESS DAYS ! I gave two phone numbers so I wouldn't miss the momentous call.

July 20 – (day 35) Super only called one of my numbers and left a voicemail. I called her back and left a voicemail. (sigh … )

July 21 – (day 36) still no word from supervisor, but new repair company has "made a deal" with KitchenAid and will be "allowed" to do my repair. Parts will arrive July 25th or 26th and repairs will be scheduled at that time.

I'm sure there is more drama to come, but wanted to get this posted so that no other potential buyers would buy KitchenAid unawares and unadvised.

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