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I got the KFRU488VSS outdoor grill which retails for about $5500.00 3 years ago. I had to reinforce my deck because it weighs ~600lbs. I have had to get it repaired three times since I got it. Within the first month I had to replace the regulator which I had to order from China because nobody makes that type here. Within a year I had to have the battery housing replaced because it corroded even though the grill is covered when not in use This repair cost me $1200 Now I have to replace that AND the ignition. This is from the person who repaired it:

"Even though this is a very nice grill with lots of bells and whistles, it is very susceptible to damage since it relies on electronics to operate. This repair will be quite expensive and will probably happen again."

This is the worst grill I have ever had..and the most expensive by far. I will never by another Kitchen Aid product again.

Monetary Loss: $5499.

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No just don't upgrade anymore. It doesn't pay. Bottom of the line,for me then throw it out and get another one

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