KitchenAid - No longer makes main circuit board for fridge

My side by side Kitchenaid fridge is only 7 years old and Kitchenaid no longer make the parts required to fix it!

Cannot get hold of the Main Relay Control board part # w10219463.

It is only possible to have this repaired but this means no fridge . Thanks Kitchenaid so happy that I spent over $5,000 on a fridge that is now USELESS. A totally irresponsible company that is only concerned with profit and wants me to buy a whole new fridge rather that providing parts to repair the fridge i have.

This fridge has caused trouble for years as it does not like the heat and has cost me lots of money to get it working.

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Dec 05, 2014

I own an appliance control board repair company that specializes in discontinued parts. We see these boards Very often! We can help if you need to have your Kitchenaid board rebuilt.
Search for either your part number for model number and let me know if you don't see your's listed.

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Jan 22 West Covina, California

I had the same problem and was quoted the same prices and lead times. I found a website ( which has step by step instructions for purchasing the components to repair the fridge for less than $20 - no kidding. It's one capacitor and one relay switch. I purchased the capacitor and relay switch on amazon and it was delivered the next day. I pulled out my control board tonight, de-soldered the bad parts, re-soldered in the new one, clipped the board back in, connected the wiring harnesses, and my fridge was purring like a kitten in less than an hour. Anyone can do this with even minimal handyman skills.

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Jan 22

Congratulations on your repair! Well done!
I am familiar with the blog you mentioned. Steve has such an interesting story.
What you say is true, most of the time it is something fairly straight-forward as you described especially on these boards. If one is willing, able, and confident to do the repair, go for it. However, I've found that the majority of my customers are appliance repair technicians (who may have the competency but not the time) or DIY'rs who do not want to learn to solder on a $800+ discontinued board. These boards are routinely found in $8-10k built in fridges so I can understand the hesitancy.
Nice Job!

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Nov 28, 2014 Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Same thing happened to me. Horrible company. They sent the control board out to be fixed and a couple of weeks later they said it could not be repaired. They do not make the part anymore and they are still selling the same model of refrigerator. I called Kitchen aid several times and was told someone would get back to me. Still waiting. They should be sued. They knowingly sell a refrigerator tha can not be fixed. My refrigerator was only 4 years old!

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Aug 01, 2014

Ughh. Repair guy told me this same story today. Fridge is 7 years old, and no replacement part. I went online to see if what he was telling me is true, so thank you all for at least confirming that the repair guy is telling me the truth. I agree - Kitchen Aid should be ashamed.

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Jun 10, 2014 New York, New York

I just experienced the exact same problem with 7-year-old side by side Kitchen Aid! I had to pay more than $650 to get the control board fixed (plus the expense of having to toss spoiled food and two weeks without a refrigerator). I am furious and thinking of filing a lawsuit.

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Apr 03, 2014

Same thing happened to me, my built-in Kitchenaid refrigerator's main board is not working(less 5 yrs). They charged me Repair warranty for $420 right away, but they can't find part to replace it. They take my main board out and send out for fix. after they fixed it, other parts are not working. i calle them again. they come forth and back. it takes 4 months to fix. My refrigerator seems ok now, but i don't know how long it will be.

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Feb 25, 2014

By the way, the whole "tsunami" story sounds more like an urban legend than the truth. I'm sure any computer engineer can look at an existing control board and reconstruct it with his eyes closed!! How ridiculous!! We need a class action law suit!!!!

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Feb 25, 2014

I am also having the same problem with my 48" KitchenAid built-in that is six years old. I actually need the part #10219462, also the control board. They just told me that I can purchase a new frig from them for $6500!!!! Are they kidding me??? There is absolutely nothing else wrong with this refrigerator except this one part needing to be replaced. I have tried twice to have it repaired, but to no avail. I have been without a refrigerator for over two months now! I don't know what to do now.

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Feb 17, 2014 Morrisville, Pennsylvania

I am having the same problem on my Kitchenaid refrigerator. There are two is readily available, but the only option for the other board, which is the board I need, is to have it rebuilt. To me that says Whirlpool
knew the board was bad engineering and, therefore, decided to discontinue it leaving the customer in the lurch. Hooray for American business...another black mark on performance.
The excuse is that the plant where it was manufactured was destroyed in the tsunami. I give Whirlpool top marks for creative excuse making. It is hard to believe there is only ONE place in this world capable of manufacturing this part.
Anyone considering the purchase of ANY Whirlpool appliance better reconsider before ending up in the same situation.

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new home owner

Nov 12, 2013

Same thing happened to me, my built-in Kitchenaid refrigerator's main board is down (less 5 yrs). They charged me Repair warranty for $420 right away, but they can't find part to replace it, i'm really dispointed with their product.

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Nov 11, 2013 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I could have written this or any of the comments. My experience is exactly the same.
The excuse I got from KitchenAid? They lost their manufacturer "in the tsunami" (two years ago) and have not found another one!
Time to repair:

1. KitchenAid: "2-3 days"
2. Core Technologies (the repair place): "5-7 business days"
3 My repair man: "we've never seen the repair done in less than 10 days".
Take your pick.

ps: Repairing the ice maker has become an annual rite of spring.

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Oct 17, 2013 Surprise, Arizona

Same thing happened to me. I have two Kitchenaids, built in, and not cheap. I purchased new about 5 years ago. Both of them have suffered board failure. I found this site while looking for the second board. I am sooooo angry that Kitchenaid leaves the consumer stranded like this. What total incompetence and carelessness on their behalf! I will NEVER buy from a company that cares so little about consumers. Shame on them!!!!!!!!

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Feb 26, 2013 Nashville, Tennessee

Same problem, KitchenAid refrigerator KSSC48QMS02 possibly requirest part # W10219463. They can not tell for sure until they replace the part, however since it is no longer made, it will have to be rebuilt. Absolutely insane. Such POOR customer service!!!! So now I will have to go over a week without my refrigerator, just to trouble shoot the problem with it! Also have a Kichen Aid microwave that requires a service call to change the light bulb. Unbelievable! How can anyone think that is a good/fair design. I will NEVER buy anything from KichenAid or Whirlpool again!!

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Mar 06, 2013 Charlotte, North Carolina

I'm with you Mary - very bad bad company - pay top dollar, get low quality, I'm researching now to see if there is an honest appliance mfg out there - unfortunately I'm seeing complaints across the board with similar issues for every major appliance mfg - very sad that we can't "get what we pay for" anymore...

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