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KItchenaid is aware their Ovens Often Malfunctions after using Self Cleaning Feature

  • by   Nov 25, 2009
  • Review #: 162871
Company KitchenAid
Product / Service Oven Self Cleaning Feature
Location Dripping Springs, Texas
Category Appliances and Electronics
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In anticipation of Thanksgiving I used the self-cleaning feature on my relatively new (2 1/2 years) old Kitchenaid oven today (Model KEBC107KSS05). After I did this, the oven would not heat up. When I called customer service, I learned that this happens with some frequency when the self-cleaning feature is used. I was advised to turn off all power to the oven for 5 minutes and then turn it back on and that it might reset and work again. It did not.

When I called back to customer service, I was told I would need to make arrangements to have a service call to repair the oven. The second representative confirmed that this type of malfunction is something that is not uncommon and she helpfully advised that she had a similar bad experience using the self-cleaning feature on her oven and she just doesn't use that feature any longer.

It is now 7:30 pm on the night before Thanksgiving where 21 people are scheduled to eat dinner at my home and I now have no way to prepare that meal. I feel that Kitchenaid clearly has sold me an appliance touting a feature that it knows has a high likelihood will ENTIRELY DISABLE THE OVEN. I am guessing I am not the only person who has been in this exact situation on either Thanksgiving or Christmas. The least they could do would be to include a warnign in the product materials or on the oven itself not to use the feature if it happens to be really important to be able to use your oven before a technician can get out and repair it.

This is the sort of knowingly untruthful marketing that should result in a class action lawsuit against Kitchenaid. You shouldn't market an oven as having a useable feature, when in fact there is a pretty darn good chance that using that feature will render the entire oven useless and result in the need for an expensive service call.

I suspect when this problem became known to Kitchenaid corporation, there were managers who had the same thought and who decided not to incur the cost of either re-engineering the product or sending a product advisory to customers, in order to avoid expense and bad press. This is not a company or a product that should be supported. 305f401

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Apr 07 
Same thing here with self-cleaning oven. First time it happened, I did the research, found the problem to be a thermostat. Replaced it, we held off on self cleaning until last night, then same thing. Will re-order thermostat and install. As I recall can be a DIY project, but is a PITA, about hour or so to do. First I will have to find the part, as I unfortunately failed to keep a record of it.
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Apr 07 
Same thing happened to me. Turned on self clean and now the oven does not work at all. Have to pay to have it repaired. Yes, I'd love to be a part of class action!
Reply to YC

Nov 05, 2013 
I have the same problem and they keep sending technicians to repair it for one year now, with the result not to have an oven at all! I am in contract with sears and the only thing I have gained is frustration and wasting of my time and money!
Reply to Anonymous

Nov 03, 2013  from Gainesville, Georgia
This has happened to me, also. It takes over 30 min to preheat after using the cleaning cycle. So so frustrated....angry. Obviously a problem.
Reply to Jennie Clayton

Jul 08, 2013  from Akron, Ohio
Had the same problem. After several new control panels under warrenty,they gave us a new stove.Now it is doing same thing.
Reply to Harley guy

Mar 19, 2013 
My KGSS907SSS02 door-locked and control panel off after self-cleaning 30 minutes for the very first time. I have called service twice without hope of having it fixed without having pay extra $$$. I always thought Kitchenaid is a trust-worthy brand ... very disappointed.
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Mar 16, 2013  from Collegeville, Pennsylvania
This has just happened to me also. The technician said that when he comes to replace the part he advises people to not use the self-cleaning feature until after a planned holiday meal. - Clearly a known problem! :(
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Mar 09, 2013  from Mechanicsville, Virginia
Add us to the list. This just happened to us as well. Used the Self Cleaning feature, I think for the second time ever, but for the first time for the default cycle. Once it was done the oven will no longer heat. Glad to see it is probably just a blown thermal fuse. I think I should be able to fix it myself them. I just don't understand why they don't use a thermal fuse that resets when the temperature gets back to normal range.
Reply to Another Victim

Feb 10, 2013 
I just had my oven self district after a self cleaning cycle.
Reply to Yadda

Feb 04, 2013  from Orangeville, Ontario
Interesting to find this because I had the exact thing happpen to my new kitchen aid stove:( I just self cleaned and now it wont heat up!!!! Did anyone start one of these law suits??
Reply to aman

Jan 28, 2013  from Loveland, Colorado
i didnt know my oven came with a self destruct function, wish i would of read this before i tried to clean it..
Reply to dam

Jan 19, 2013 
renovated kitchen in 2004 and purchased all kitchenaid appliances. the first year my oven wouldn't heat with a family party gathering, what a disaster. the computer panel had to be replaced. the self cleaning locked the door, couldn't us the oven.repairman removed fuse, now can;t self clean.Microwave had to have the magnatron replaced.Dishwasher hinges were fixed 3 times and door still does not keep closed without a chair holding it closed while cleaning. Ice maker broke and they said it would cost $450 to replace-will use ice trays. Would love to get in on a class action suit for this junk!
Reply to schwartz

Jan 17, 2013  from Southfield, Michigan
I built a house in 2006, EVERY single KA appliance i purchased has broken,I own the Architect Series from year 2005, The ice maker on the refrigerator broke within a year. The microwave door springs broke after 2 years, my husband JUST now replaced them himself after paying $80, yep $80 for the parts. The convection gas stove panel went out after 18 months. The wall oven panel went out before the first year which was under warranty. The dishwasher door spring broke after 2 years. I will NEVER buy KA again. It was a midline price product and the salesman tols me the average life of appliances today are about 6 years. Everything is MADE LIKE *** anymore!!. My Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer are 3 years old, just waiting for them to die!!!
Reply to bria

Jan 09, 2013  from Odessa, Texas
I work on appliances for a living, and yes, it is a common problem for all Kitchenaid/Whirlpool appliances to go out after self cleaning. They are both the same company. To fix this problem, put on your new thermostat but put a couple of metal washers between the thermostat and the unit. This will prevent it from happening so often.
Reply to ApplianceGuy1

Jan 19, 2013  from Edmonton, Alberta
thanks! how does one replace the part? Can you provide instructions? thanks!
Reply to pierre

Nov 22, 2013 
Do not do this! This is defeating the purpose of the fuse or raising the temp. setting. Just do not use the self clean and complain to WP.

Owner of appliance repair co.
Reply to Michael

Nov 22, 2012 
Three years ago, my Thanksgiving dinner was ruined after I used the self clean cycle on my Whirlpool Gold oven two days before the holiday. The result was an error on the display and no power to the oven. When the service tech came out after Thanksgiving, he replaced the fuse. After he left, I began having problems with the oven overheating and had to place another service call. This time when he came back, he told me that he had to service ovens frequently after the owner had used the oven's self clean cycle. He recommended not using it and using oven cleaner instead. I was outraged because I felt the oven's self clean cycle should work. I was also concerned because oven cleaners are not supposed to be used in self cleaning ovens. He replaced parts and left. I continued to have the problem with my oven overheating and had to contact service again. Before he came, I researched and found that the problem was likely a defective console. I insisted he replace the console when he returned. I did not have any other issues with the oven overheating. Instead, the oven door handle fell off. The stainless steel handle had plastic parts that fit flush to the door and these parts had become brittle when the oven overheated. Because the handle held the outside glass section of the oven door in place, it fell off also. So, I was left with an oven door that was only the inside shell. I did not bother to call service again. It's barely operable but I just don't use it. We just bought a new... Show more
Reply to Susan

Nov 05, 2012  from Irvine, California
Bought top of the line range. It is 2 years old. I just tried the self cleaning for the forst time and now have ZERO power for range and door is locked to oven. KA said the same ***...pay $80. trip charge and if covered under warranty would cover parts but not labor which is in addition to trip charge.
Is this a fuse? Can I fix it myself?
Reply to KA sucks!

Sep 23, 2012 
Just self cleaned my Kitchenaid oven and it stopped working. Appreciate all of the information about as it appears the fuse is out as the heating element looks good. Won't ever purchase Kitchenaid again.
Reply to Steve - Colorado Springs

Nov 04, 2012  from Madison, Wisconsin
I have a 2 year old KA built-in oven and it quit working after the 4th or 5th self clean. I called KA customer service at 3 different time and locations incl corporate. I talked to six different people who all said they were sorry I was unhappy but there was nothing I could do except offer parts at 50% off or buy the $380/1yr warranty. The certified service person came and did not have the part...the THERMAL FUSE. The fuse is not re-settable and so the oven must be removed from the wall and replaced in the back. I have not been told of any improvement in the fuse so I anticipate that further use of the self cleaning will result in the same event at some point. The repair has 90 day part/30 day labor, so I will be using the self clean a few times during that warranty time.



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